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MSC – Data Controller

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Mediterranean Shipping Company (Netherlands B.V.) – Data Controller

The Data Controller is responsible for collecting, completing and providing the basic booking information to the Cargo Coordinator as well as processing and declaring transhipment cargo, covering Port of Rotterdam. This also applies to the handling of last minute changes. Ensure flawless handling of operational tasks to provide highest quality service to our customers.

  • Collect and process data and make it available for further usage at earliest stage possible.
  • Ensure that all transhipment cargo and booking information is correctly and timely processed.
  • Reconcile internal booking list prior vessel cut-off. Check that all full containers are present at the terminal and customs cleared. If not, contact Customer.
  • Following up and resolving error messages (SQL errors) with regard to the delivery of equipment or EDI messages that have not been correctly transmitted to a cross-agent or terminal.
  • Handle cargo selected for scanning by authorities.
  • Accuracy – Long-term and effective handling of detailed information.
  • Flexibility – Able to easily adapt to changing working methods, working hours, tasks, responsibilities, policy changes, environment and behaviors of others.
  • Customer focus – Investigating the wishes and needs of the customer and acting accordingly.
  • Dealing with work pressure – Remain calm when busy and do not experience stress due to too much or too little work.
  • Collaboration – Contribute to a joint result through optimal coordination between one’s own qualities and interests and those of the group / the other.
  • Proactive – Seek opportunities or innovation and take action to take advantage of them.
  • Responsible – Attaching importance to the tasks and duties within one’s own work, those of colleagues and of the organization.

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