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Association of Rotterdam Shipbrokers and Agents

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Ship agents and brokers come in many shapes and sizes. From the large global marine service providers with representatives in all the world’s major ports to small family run concerns, the role of a ship agent is to represent the interests of the ship owner or charterer while the ship is in port by providing assistance or advice required. Ship broking activity may also be handled by ship agents, but the role of the ship broker is to act as an intermediary between the ship owner/charterer or the buyers and sellers of ships. The broker is involved in many stages of a deal: presenting the business to potential clients, negotiating the main terms of a contract or sale, finalising the details of the contract and following the deal through to its conclusion. Increasingly shipbrokers also provide their clients with a wide range of market intelligence and advice.

The VRC is representing the interest of the member towards all relevant parties with the goal keeping the Port of Rotterdam attractive for ship and cargo. The association was a part of the ‘Scheepvaart Vereniging Zuid (SVZ) between 1889 and 1969, but after 1969 the VRC got his own identity as an association. The members of the VRC are active in: liner (deepsea); tramping, shortsea / feeders; heavy lift, offshore; etc. At the same time the VRC has also associated members like accountants, hotels, P&I clubs, terminals, etc.


The association and her members are very active in various fields related to shipping and port activities. An overview of the various clusters can be found below.

Customs; veterinary checks; dangerous cargo

Nextlogic; Container Exchange Route; lashing

Reporting Harbour Master; EMSWe; Inspection Portal

Ministries: Infrastructure; Justice; Foreign Affairs; Agriculture

Border controls

Shippers; forwarders; ship owners; terminals; hinterland transport

Network drinks; annual dinner; workshops; webinars; Shiplink event

Full time educations; courses; traineeship; vacancies


In case you would like to know more about the VRC, please contact:

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