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Boluda Towage (Rotterdam)

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Boluda Towage
Bezoekadres Havenstraat 30
3115 HD, Schiedam
Telefoon +31 (0)10 – 307 35 03


Boluda Towage is leading in safe harbour towage, also in Rotterdam. We are your reliable partner for both harbour towage and towage of special projects.

Boluda Towage, a family business, provides tailored towage services to its customers in major ports across the globe. The group is one of the leading providers of maritime services worldwide and can be found in 78 ports, operating a fleet of over 300 tugboats in 20 countries in Europe, west-Africa, America and the Indian Ocean. The group also provides offshore and ocean towage and salvage operations.

Boluda Towage is committed beyond professional cooperation and determined to create synergy with its customers, whilst aiming at providing operational efficiency and flexiblity. To this effect, Boluda Towage takes pride in its longstanding relationships with shipping lines and relevant industry stakeholders, for instance, Port Authorities, Pilots, Agents, and Terminals.

Boluda Towage has dedicated tug dispatch and planning centre in the port of Rotterdam and a dedicated local operational team, who all together aim at safeguarding our operational efficiency levels. Our objective is to provide a safe workplace and to prevent incidents by identifying, eliminating and mitigating risks and hazards for all our employees.

Furthermore, Boluda Towage is operating various hybrid and TIER III tugs and operating tugs on low sulphur fuel, including rotor tugs, affirming our commitment towards sustainability.



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Boluda Towage

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