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Eucon Shipping & Transport
Bezoekadres Reeweg 35
3089 KM, Rotterdam
Telefoon +31 (0)10 – 428 37 00


Eucon Shipping and Transport Ltd. is part of the container division of the Irish Continental Group, Ireland’s largest shipping company and provides container, shipping and transport services offering door / door and quay / quay services from Continental Europe to Ireland and vice versa.


Eucon is the market leader in door to door and quay to quay container transportation to and from Ireland and the European Mainland. It is the largest container service in and out of Ireland and offers the most comprehensive port coverage and frequency of sailings in the short sea business.


Eucon operates a fleet of modern, fast, environmentally friendly container ships providing a lift on /lift off (Lo Lo) container service between Ireland, the UK and the Continent. Our Services connect the Irish ports of Dublin, Cork and Belfast, with the Continental ports of Rotterdam, Antwerp and other ports on incentive.

What we offer

We provide an online and mobile booking & tracking tool. We operate between Ireland and the Continent serving 20 countries throughout Europe. Eucon’s door to door container services utilise the excellent European road, rail and inland waterway networks via the hub ports of Rotterdam and Antwerp. Consignments can be tracked from departure to arrival. Request a login to start making bookings on one of our sailings.



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