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Nature International Slop Disposal

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Nature International Slop Disposal
Bezoekadres Bunschotenweg 99
3089 KB , Rotterdam
Telefoon +31 (0)85 – 486 72 22

Who are we?

Nature International Slop Disposal is a leading One-Stop-Shop maritime, oil & gas waste collection and treatment company, with more than 30 years of experience. 

With an average annual collected volume of over 160.000 m3’s Nature ISD and its Port Reception Facilities cover the entire ARA region and important hubs for both seagoing vessels and inland navigation.

Our State-of-the-art fleet of 26 slop collection barges, tank trucks, and dedicated CleanSeas “Marpol Annex V” waste collection crane barges take a revolutionary approach to both QHSE and environmental protection.  Nature International Slop Disposal is your single point of contact during your vessels port call for the collection of all MARPOL waste streams.

The compliance to EBIS (European Barge Inspection Scheme) and oil major vetting schemes further emphasize our company’s commitment to deliver the highest standards in health, safety and operational excellence.

Nature ISD:

  • Your One-Stop-Shop vendor for the collection of ALL MARPOL waste streams without the intervention of 3rd parties / subcontractors
  • Eliminating unannounced and unnecessary barge visits alongside your vessel and interfering of your port operations
  • Contributing to a further optimized port operation (waste / Annex V disposal after stores/spares delivery)



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