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Ships Waste Oil Collector (SWOC)

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Ships Waste Oil Collector B.V.
Bezoekadres Chemieweg 10
3197 KC, Rotterdam-Botlek
Telefoon +31 (0)10 – 295 71 54


S.W.O.C. BV is one leading collectors of ships waste in the ARA area.

We are the largest and leading collector of ships waste at the port of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Antwerp in the field of liquid / hazardous waste from Annex I to Annex VI.

Because of the strategic alliance with port reception facility MTD in Antwerp, we are able to operate in the entire port area of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Antwerp.

Tweede paragraaf (± 40 tot 50 woorden) For the collection of liquid hazardous waste, we use the most modern vessels and highly trained personnel. We are the only collector in the port of Rotterdam, Amsterdam and Antwerp, which features 6 C type barges. Therefore we are fully equipped for future legislation and regulations in our field and able to provide you with a solution to remove ships waste always.

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